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Handmade, modern and historical metal and leatherwork. 

Chalcedony Viking Knot-work Pendant


Handmade revolution provides handmade jewellery for men and women.

Chalcedony Viking Knot-work Pendant

celtic w blue chalcedony.jpg
celtic w blue chalcedony.jpg

Chalcedony Viking Knot-work Pendant


Unfortunately this unique gemstone is no longer available, but you can order this style pendant with a variety of other gemstones.

 Chalcedony Viking Knot-work Pendant, made with sterling silver and set with a chalcedony stone. The gem has an unusual faceted cut  which lends it depth and dimension. You can spend happy moments looking at the gem, imagining other worlds. The size is 1 1/4 inch and it comes with a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

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