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Handmade, modern and historical metal and leatherwork. 

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Padded Jackets for Western Martial Arts.

Fighting jackets for WMA

I make custom gambesons for practitioners of Historical Fencing in various degrees of padding and historical authenticity. In order to purchase your gambeson, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page and you will be contacted for sizing information etc. 

Disclaimer: Fighting jackets are meant to be worn by trained practitioners. They offer some padding but are not guaranteed to protect you against injury. Handmade Revolution and its affiliates take no responsibility for injuries sustained while wearing our jackets.

BASIC MODEL: For light play. Two layers of heavy canvas. Closes with a zipper, velcro at each cuff. No padding. Price: $170

MODERN SPARRING GAMBESON: the front and arms are padded  and quilted with 1/2 inch polyester batting. Closes with a zipper and has a velcro flap to protect zipper from damage. Cuffs close with velcro. No padding in the back.  Gambeson is constructed from heavy cotton canvas and lined with cotton. $260 Changes can be made in materials by request, price is subject to change. 

ARMING DOUBLET: Two layers of heavy linen with no padding. Suitable for holding up leg harnesses and going under armour. Basic version has all machine finishing, except for hand done grommets for front closure and leg harness support. $375 If you would like hand finishing on this garment the price will be $450

FULLY PADDED MEDIEVAL GAMBESON: Three layers of linen with heavy internal polyester batting. Garment is fully quilted by machine. Can be made with grommet closure or button closure. Button closure at cuffs. Suitable for unarmored sparring.  $600

Gambesons are made by hand in a non-industrial setting so there will be small imperfections and unique elements in each gambeson.

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I will do my best to find the colours you request in as much as they are available.
Your padding choice will affect the price of the final garment.